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Little Pieces

This week my friend came to visit from Amsterdam. We always wind up working a lot, exchanging ideas and taking long walks around the city, exploring cool new cafes. We went for a screening of “Map To The Stars” at Curzon cinema in Soho, where I bumped into a friend from the BFI. ps: BFI film festival begins this week. Tea + Scones in Soho Mary Chapin Carpenter + the London Concert Orchestra in London. “Map To The Stars” Screening at Curzon in Soho.  Ahava from Israel. + cappuccino at Appestat Islington

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Stuff I Love

  I recently received an invitation from family in the U.S. to travel to California and spend a few weeks (or as long as I like) with them. These are some of my favorite people on the planet and I plan on a visit first thing in the new year. My travel plans before that include a couple of visits around Europe. Next month I’ll be traveling to Copenhagen for a visit with some of my Danish family and there’s nothing I love more than planning my travels by surfing a few of my favorite websites for inspiration, as well…

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Friday morning at Borough Market

Early Friday morning, a friend and I wandered down to Borough Market, located just a five minute walk from London Bridge Station. This place packs a full house on weekends but luckily we picked just the right time of day to stroll through this popular tourist attraction and made the most of it by picking up a few (more like a lot) of our favorite items including a few pounds of fresh vegetables for dinner, a few house plants, two jars of honey and some salty licorice reminiscent of the ones my mom used to send me from Denmark, when…


Lena Dunham’s #AskLena Series

Lena Dunham – actress, producer and writer,  gives great advice in these cool video clips promoting her upcoming memoir, “Not That Kind of Girl”. In preparation for her new book out by the end of this month, the actress asked people to submit questions for her to answer through video and produced the following advice series. Watch this brilliant lady in the clips below. ASK LENA #1: Questionable feminist? ASK LENA #2: Plus size ASK LENA #3: Stay friends? ASK LENA #4: Sleeping with bad people ASK LENA #5: Insecure writer ASK LENA #6: Dealing with OCD ASK LENA #7: Big…

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Little Pieces

September seems to be whizzing by. After spending a good amount of time traveling to different parts of town for meetings these past couple of days, I quietly decided to take more advantage of this beautiful city and the exciting things you can find here like food markets, exhibitions, films and events and find myself already scribbling things down on my t0-do list (on the computer of course). I also attended my best friends wedding this past week and enjoyed a trip to Holland Park with my friend, exploring the lovely neighborhood which brightened up the cold and cloudy September day. A…

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Fall Colors In Holland Park

Colin and I took a walk through Holland Park this afternoon. It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods in London, really close to Notting Hill which I love. We decided to stroll through the park after a short coffee run and a quick visit to the American Food Store, located just off the main road. I thought it might be fun to glance at the imported goods like packets of jello, sugary treats and boxes of colorful cereal and cake mix before venturing through the park enjoying a quiet Saturday afternoon sharing stories from our busy London. Pretty to look at…

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Interview: Corina Hallatu

Interview with artist, DJ & entrepreneur from The Netherlands, Corina from My Own Little World. Where did you grow up? Groningen, a city in the north of the Netherlands. What’s your favorite thing to eat? Love food but because of digestion problems I’m sugar and  gluten free.  I love asian food, salads with chicken, avocado or salmon and soup. On weekends I allow myself a little piece of chocolate (cake). How do you spend your free time usually? I love dancing to uptempo house techno and began DJing so I could dance to my own favorite music when clubbing. If the music…


Stuff i love

1. IJ-Hallen – the biggest flea market in Europe. ( 2. Hot Cookie Cup Warmer. Perfect for blogging. ( 3. Neighborhood Guides: Echo Park ( 4. Perfect blueberry swirl muffins. ( 3. Vancouver Film Festivals. A quick guide. ( 5. Brown spiced sugar cubes. ( 6. 21 ways to boost your personal creativity. (


Little Pieces

Since moving into my house in London, I re-discovered a love of interior decorating, plants and cooking and subsequently decided to focus more on my diy projects via this blog. I am no chef or professional baker nor interior decorator. I mostly love simple dishes and enjoy seeking out inspiration for entertaining friends at home just as I love decorating my little space, painting (not so much), re-arranging and adding items, plants, candles or whatever goes with the colors of the space I am decorating. A little bit of white paint, a stack of books (color-coordinated) and cheese-toasties with disgusting…

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How to become an actor

As an 18-year old aspiring actor/nomad/eggwhiteomletteeater, I made the move to Hollywood. Arriving on New Years eve, I remember roaming aimlessly around East L.A. before jumping on a bus and heading to West Hollywood where I checked in at a hostel located in close proximity to my acting school of choice. The hostel became my home for a year and the city of angels, my second home. For anyone out there with thoughts about how to become and actor and for those considering relocating to LaLa Land do have a look at this interview with actor Bill Oberst Jr. In this…

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stuff i love

  A lot of inspiration this week. Fall is coming soon.. 1. My friend Lisa’s vegan desserts made this list. #17 & #23. A must-try-sometimes-soon. ( 2. A magazine named Cereal. Soooo beautiful. ( 3. Cast-iron plant here I come! Perfect for travelers, eh? ( 4. Ready for fall..with my new favorite brown bag. ( 5. I’m trying all of these once back in L.A. because Grilled Cheese Sandwiches + Tomato Ketchup = A Happy Liv. ( 6. Love this candle mucho. ( 7. 6 rules that should be guiding your career. ( 8. ballerina project. seriously beautiful. ( 9. Tea &…


On The Floor doing some research…

Yes, once again, I’m on the floor, doing some research….and yes, that’s a copy of Contacts 2014, a fascinating read and semi useful tool published by Spotlight every year. Consider it one of those books sure to be sitting on shelves around all the little i-want-be-an-actor- homes in London-town. I found this mint copy in my local bookstore for £6 pounds. Oh, and also please excuse the sad looking greenery in the background. My mama bought him for me the last time she visited London and I am trying to keep him alive. Any tips out there on how one might…


Little Pieces

Leaving Vancouver behind for now, I am currently in London and will settle here until further notice. Finding work here as an actress and moving to another big city without really knowing anyone feels a bit daunting but I do know this city a little bit and the prospect of  getting involved in the film industry on this side of the pond entices me a great deal. Today, I met up with AJ, a photographer friend of mine and talked a little business over coffee and cake (some things stay te same) x Rainy London early morning. Cinnamon swirls at Somerset House.


Stuff i love

1. Sugaring off in Montreal. The maple syrup basics. ( 2. Super simple  2-ingredient pancakes. ( 3. Magical Sun Jar. Beautiful in the garden. ( 4. Lovely words on how to grow old with yourself ( 5. The benefits of drying food. (  


Corine from Los Angeles

Corina and I met ten years ago in our favorite Hollywood hostel (RIP Orbit). I remember walking along Melrose Avenue, making our way to one of our favorite LA spots, the infamous Urth Cafe and chit chatting about our hopes and dreams and reasons for moving to Los Angeles. Corina makes a living as an artist and photographer. She runs several blogs, travels all the time and always aspires to create new and exciting projects. Since we both move around a lot and love discovering new places around the world from cute London neighborhoods to the artsy areas of Ibiza, we always gather up…


Still Life – a short film

Watch this short film made by a friend of mine. It’s rather good. Storyline: “When I was 6 I wanted to be a spaceman…When I was 12 I wanted be a footballer and score in the cup final…When I turned 18 all I wanted was some respect.” On the eve of Saraswati Pooja, a Hindu festival celebrating the Goddess of Education, Krishna’s world is brought to a stand still. Forced to return to the family he has previously held at arm’s length, Krishna must now take a closer look at himself and face up to the questions he thought he already…

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Little Pieces

My brother recently moved to London from Kuala Lumpur and I love living in the same city as my brother for a change. We both travel a lot and never spend enough time together, really. Luckily, within the first few days of him arriving in the UK, I got the opportunity to stay in a cool hotel called “A Room For London”. It’s a boat on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the London Southbank. Felt very touristy indeed. Otherwise, a busy working week as always. I joined a great network called Women in Film and Television and am…


“Nuts” a monologue by Tom Topor

A short monologue from a play called “Nuts” I performed in on stage in L.A. sometime not so recently. Barabara Streisand also portrayed Claudia in the film based on the Tom Topor play. The story is set in a courtroom in New York’s Bellevue Hospital and follows a high-priced call girl incarcerated on a charge for killing a violent “John”. The State, represented by a court appointed psychiatrist and an aggressive prosecutor, say Claudia is unfit to stand trial. As testimony from experts, physicians and her parents unfolds, with her psyche and childhood dissected, she proves to the judge that…


How to become an actor in Vancouver

I arrived in Vancouver on a gloomy day in March. Relocating to a new city without knowing a single soul upon arrival seems a recurring theme in my life. I little bit of a nomad to some. Well, the week of my arrival I began looking for work and signed up to a few good sites like Vancouver Actors Guide. Found myself involved involved in a few productions already and I’m enjoying the city tremendously. I love living in a major city surrounded by mountains, lakes and opportunities to go hiking in the wild just a twenty minute drive from…


Filming “Crooked” in Vancouver

Currently filming a short film titled ‘Crooked’ in Vancouver. I absolutely love this city and so appreciate the opportunity to work and live in such a beautiful place. Cast includes Sean Carey, Paula Elle, Jesse Regimbal and Elysia Rotaru. Directed by Stephen Sawchuk.                 


“Close Contact”

Hello from Vancouver! I love this beautiful place! As I’m getting well acquainted with the location of Vancouver film school due to weekly auditions held on site, I lucked out and grabbed a role in a short film titled ‘Close Contact’, directed by Ron Heaps. It’s a film about aliens overtaking the planet and in this scene I’m interviewing the President (We just call him Ned).