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About Liv Hansen

Thanks for visiting the official site of Danish-born actress and fine artist Liv Hansen.


Born in Copenhagen, Denmark to a family of artists and musicians, Liv Hansen is known for her distinct style of paintings and mixed media art capable of capturing specific moments in time with the use of vivid detail creating what feels like part of a story.


Liv works mostly with oil and acrylic paint, pencils, graphite, and pens on both canvas and paper.


Her artwork and photographs are found in private collections, in pop-up galleries, and in residences in the United States, the U.K., The Netherlands, and Scandinavia.



As an actor, Liv has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Vancouver, London, Copenhagen, and Québec. Upcoming projects include British crime drama ‘Caught In Between’ (2023) and ‘A Universe Apart’ (2023).

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