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How I Prepare for Auditions: Tips from a Danish Actress

Preparing for auditions is both an art and a science, and over the years, I’ve developed a few strategies that help me bring my best self to the table. As a Danish actress, I’ve had the privilege of working in various cultural environments, and each experience has contributed to my auditioning toolkit. Here’s a glimpse into my preparation process:

Understanding the Character

First and foremost, understanding the character is crucial. I dive deep into the script to get a sense of who the character is, their motivations, and their backstory. Even if the script doesn’t provide all the details, I like to fill in the gaps myself. This helps me create a fully fleshed-out character that feels real and grounded.

Danish actress Liv Hansen
Danish actress Liv Hansen

Researching the Role and Context

Next, I research the role and its context. If the character is based on a historical figure or if the story is set in a specific time period, I try to study a little bit and learn something about that era. For example, for a recent audition, I had to play a character from the 1920s, so I invested a bit of time reading about the social and cultural nuances of that decade. This added layer of authenticity can make a significant difference in how convincingly you portray the character.

Physical and Vocal Preparation

Physical and vocal preparation are equally important. I warm up my body with stretching exercises and my voice with vocal warm-ups. This not only helps in delivering lines more effectively but also ensures that I am physically and vocally ready for the demands of the role. I find that a relaxed and prepared body and voice can significantly enhance my performance.

Memorizing the Lines

Memorizing lines is, of course, a critical part of audition preparation. I break down the script into smaller sections and memorize them bit by bit. Repetition is key. I also sometimes practice saying the lines out loud using different tones and emotions to find the most natural way to express the material. Sometimes, I record myself, listen to the playback, and take notes.

Practicing with a Scene Partner Whenever possible, I practice with a scene partner. This helps me get into the flow of the scene and react naturally to another person. If I don’t have a scene partner available, I’ll call a friend and work remotely.

Mental Preparation and Visualization Mental preparation is another essential aspect. I take time to visualize the audition scenario. I imagine walking into the room, greeting the casting directors, and performing my piece. Visualization helps me to relax and is like a mental rehearsal that prepares me for the real thing.

Embracing Feedback and Learning

Finally, I embrace feedback and see each audition as a learning opportunity. Not every audition will result in a role, but each one is a chance to improve and grow as an actor. I reflect on what went well and what could be improved for next time.

Auditions can be nerve-wracking, but with thorough preparation and a positive mindset, they become an educational part of the acting journey. Whether I’m auditioning for projects in Copenhagen or London, these tips have helped me stay grounded and deliver my best performance. I hope they can do the same for you.

Remember, every audition is a step forward in your acting career, so embrace the process and enjoy the journey.

Feel free to share your own audition tips and experiences – I’d love to hear from you! About me: I'm a Danish actress living in Copenhagen. Find me on Instagram at liv_hansen

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Danish actress Liv Hansen article about the acting process
Danish actress Liv Hansen


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