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Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, to a family of artists and musicians, Liv Hansen is a Danish actress, director, and illustration artist with experience living and working in diverse cultural environments such as Los Angeles, London, and Vancouver. Steeped in a tradition of creativity, she crafts vintage and nature-inspired art that stands as a testament to her rich Danish heritage and global exposure.
Her artworks echo a deep appreciation for historical subtleties, nature's enchantment, and the evocative beauty of vintage aesthetics, drawing from the tapestry of past epochs, the serenity of the natural world, and her personal odyssey.

Liv has lived abroad for most of her life and is currently based in Copenhagen. She studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles and is a member of the Danish Actors Association. Her upcoming projects include the British crime drama 'Caught In Between' (2024) and 'A Universe Apart' (2024). 

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