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A day in the life of a working Danish actress and artist

As a Danish-British actress and artist currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark, my days are a constant mix of creativity, performance, marketing, and activity. Whether I'm on set, at an audition, or working on my next project, every day is a new opportunity to learn, grow, and express myself through my craft. Today, I'll give you a glimpse into my daily routine as a working Danish actor and fine artist, including some behind-the-scenes looks at auditions and the artistic process.

My day usually starts early, with a cup of coffee and some reading or writing to get my mind in a calm and focused place. Physical and mental preparation is important to me, so I make sure to prioritize self-care in my daily routine.

As my work day begins, I'll review any scripts or sides for auditions that I have coming up. As any actor knows, auditions can be a little stress-inducing, so I like to give myself plenty of time to prepare (though at times there is very little). If information about the character is available to me, I put some thought into the scene based on this. One of my favorite books on acting is "Acting in Film" by Michael Caine. It's filled with fascinating ideas, tips, and learning.

After my audition prep, I'll usually head to any auditions or casting calls I have scheduled for the day. Auditions can be odd sometimes, but I always try to approach them with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn and meet new people.

I also work as an artist, so when I'm not auditioning or working on acting-related things, I spend my time painting, drawing, and marketing my art. The latter of course also applied to acting.

As the day winds down, I'll usually wind down with family time, a walk or run meditation, or a good book. Overall, the artist's life is, I think, a constant balance of preparation, creativity, and consistent effort. Whether I'm auditioning, working on my own projects, or just taking time to reflect and recharge, each day is an opportunity to grow and develop as an actor. If you're interested in pursuing a career in acting or the arts, I'd love to connect. You can find me on Instagram @liv_hansen.


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