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From Audition to Performance: Mastering the Acting Process

The journey from audition to performance is a fascinating and intricate path filled with challenges and opportunities for growth. As a Danish actress with experience living and working in a few different countries, I've come to appreciate the nuances of this process and the various approaches to the work I've been exposed to. Today, I want to share my insights on mastering this process, ensuring that each step contributes to a compelling and authentic performance.

The Audition: Making a Lasting Impression

Auditions are the critical first step in securing any acting role, and they can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. Preparation is the cornerstone of a successful audition. Before stepping into the audition room, I give it my best shot at understanding the character and the script. This involves extensive research about the project, the director’s vision, and the character’s background, provided I'm able to find out some of these details. By finding personal connections to the character, I can bring authenticity to the performance, hopefully making the character come alive a little easier.

Memorization of lines is crucial, but flexibility is equally important. Directors often look for actors who can adapt and take direction seamlessly during the audition. Engaging in thorough physical and vocal warm-ups before the audition helps me calm my nerves and stay present.

The Callback: Delving Deeper

Receiving a callback is of course always an encouraging sign. This stage often requires delving deeper into the character and demonstrating the actor's ability to develop the role further. Detailed character work becomes essential at this point. I focus on exploring the character’s backstory, motivations, and relationships, which adds depth and nuance the experience.

Taking direction effectively is crucial during callbacks. Directors may provide feedback and ask for adjustments to see how well you can adapt and refine your performance. Chemistry reads, where you perform scenes with other actors, are also common. Building a quick rapport and showcasing how well you can work as part of an ensemble is important during these sessions.

Danish actress Liv Hansen
Danish actress Liv Hansen

Rehearsals: Crafting the Performance

Once cast, the rehearsal phase is where the real magic happens. Rehearsals are a collaborative effort, involving close work with the director, fellow actors, and the production team. This phase is about continuously developing the character and experimenting with different choices to discover new layers of the characters and their internal and external lives.

Understanding the physicality and movement of the character is crucial during rehearsals. Blocking and movement exercises help bring the character to life in a believable way. Maintaining emotional truth in every scene is essential, and different acting techniques can be incredibly helpful in achieving this authenticity.

Performance: Bringing the Character to Life

The culmination of our work on character and circumstance is the performance, whether on stage or screen. Delivering a consistent performance, night after night or take after take, requires maintaining focus and staying in the moment. Building a connection with the audience, whether through the camera or live interaction is crucial. This connection can elevate the performance and create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Adaptability is another key component of successful performances, especially in live theatre. Unexpected changes can occur, and being able to adjust while maintaining the integrity of the performance is essential. Each performance is an opportunity to learn and grow. Reflecting on each show and seeking feedback helps continuously improve your craft.

The journey from audition to performance is challenging yet incredibly rewarding. It requires dedication, hard work, and a deep passion for the craft. Embrace each step of this journey as an opportunity to learn and evolve as an actor. Stay resilient and find joy in the process.

About me: I'm a Danish actress living in Copenhagen. To read more about my acting visit my IMDb page

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