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Summer mornings in Copenhagen

There’s a special magic to summer mornings in Copenhagen. The city awakens slowly, the early light casting a soft glow over its charming streets and vibrant green spaces. Each day, I appreciate the opportunity to visit beautiful gardens where the scent of fresh blooms and the sight of birds hanging out on rooftops and leaves swaying quietly in the wind greet me. These early hours fuel my creativity, setting a perfect tone for the day ahead.

Recently, a dear friend from the Netherlands visited me. We first met years ago near Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles, a place that has always inspired both of us. Our mornings were often spent in small, sunlit cafés, discussing art and life. Now, here in Copenhagen, we found ourselves reminiscing about those days while exploring the remarkable art scene (and three days of design events) in my hometown. What inspires you?

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24 juin

Beautiful Copenhagen!

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